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I was first interested in International Development after visiting Kenya in 2006 but it wasn't until my trip to India in 2007 that I realised I needed to take a more proactive stance and begin to break into the sector. I went to study a MSc in development at Bristol University and I started to intern with organisations such as World Development Movement and Learning for Life. After spending a year working with UK charities after my MSc I went back again to intern in development as a campaigns coordinator with Oxfam, as well as working on a website for the catholic development organisation, Progressio. Finally before my venture to Madagascar I interned briefly with Teach A Man To Fish - an excellent organisation for providing sustainable education in hard to reach areas of developing countries. Aside from that I love to travel and try new things!

Project NODE – Ikongo and Tolongoina.

On my most recent project visit to the most southerly parts of Madagascar’s forest corridor, and consequently the most marginalised, Ikongo and Tolongoina, I accompanied my four colleagues led by Ny Tanintsika’s Environment and Sustainable Livelihoods Project Officer, Dadah Mahatamama. Here he was to oversee the signing of contracts with … Continue reading

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Implications of the political situation on NGOs in Madagascar

Wrapped up in everyday tasks and activities it can be easy to not consider the full implications of the political crisis in Madagascar and just how much of an effect the crisis has had and will continue to have on … Continue reading

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Women’s and Children’s rights in Ambohimahamasina

Project Pailles is our project for women basketry weavers in the commune of Ambohimahamasina in the Ambalavao district of South – Central Madagascar. The project focuses on reducing women’s poverty through the promotion of basketry products at the same time as protecting the endangered Pandanus species in this … Continue reading

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Our School Canteen Project in Tsaratanana, Ikongo

The school canteen project was set up as part of Feedback Madagascar‘s health and environment initiative to help prevent deforestation and encourage school participation in the small rural area of Tsaratanana in the Ikongo district of South-Central Madagascar. To get to Tsaratanana myself and my colleague Mamy (Ny Tanintsika’s Yam Project Technician) … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

2011 marks the 100th year that International Women’s Day has been celebrated across the world – over the years it has grown in its strength and participation and is now a national holiday in 25 different countries, ranging from: Zambia, Vietnam and Russia. In Madagascar it is … Continue reading

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Attenborough and the Giant Egg – lessons to be learnt

The last programme in the Attenborough series ‘Madagascar: Island of Marvels’ aired on Wednesday 2nd March featuring our silk project as a perfect example of providing a viable solution to deforestation. The programme titled ‘Attenborough and the Giant Egg’ looked back to Attenborough’s first … Continue reading

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First impressions of the red island

In mid-January this year I left a wet and cold England to arrive in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo (or simply Tana). The island which was colonised by the French in 1886 and was given independence in 1960 is located off South-East Africa. Sure enough on the way from the airport I … Continue reading

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